Friday, November 1, 2013

Properties of My Windows Command Prompt

I always prefer matrix like console in both Linux and Windows. Since there are many predefined console profiles available in most of the Linux flavors, it is very easy to enable this "Green text on Black background" profile(at least in Ubuntu).

But Windows doesn't come up with any predefined profiles to customize its console (aka) Command Prompt. Here is screenshot of the window with the default profile.

Of course it doesn't have the cool fonts and not optimized for my 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. Here is screenshot of the window with the my customized profile.

The customized command prompt starts with D:\> since I have all of my work environment is setup over there. Here is the modified setting to start the Command Prompt on custom folder. 


Here are the custom properties and options for this cool customized profile. Quick Edit Mode is enabled to select and copy the console text very easily using mouse.

Bigger fonts with good rendering for easier viewing.

Customized Window size for my screen resolution and more Screen buffer to refer the history.

Green Text 0n Black background for pleasant viewing.

Here is the screenshot of the nice rendering with the above customizations.

You can also change the other properties based on your preferences/requirements. If you would like to use Linux commands on Windows Command Prompt, cygwin might be a good fit.

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